Guided Meditation Series for September 2021

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Hello, Beautiful Ones!

Trinity Guided  “Healing Your Body” Meditations are beginning in September.
Let us get to living the life of our dreams!

Here are the descriptions and dates:


Relaxation and Well-being



The relaxation and well-being guided meditation is designed to help you release negative repressed emotions which are stored in your body and energy field. Stuck emotions create stress in the body, painful symptoms, and psychological blocks, which prevent you from living the life of your dreams. This meditation guides and supports you through releasing unhealthy, negative emotions and replacing them with life-affirming, peaceful, and empowering messages.


Relaxation & Wellbeing

1-hour Healing Meditation Class $20.
Cash upon arrival. Must have the exact amount.
Seating is limited!!
Please Call or Text Kristina at 561-281-8901to to secure your seat.

Sunday, September,12th  at 4 pm.
Please be on time so we don’t interrupt others if you cannot make this class.
Private Sessions are also available by Appointment Only!




Healing For Your Stomach



Stomach pain? Embarrassing bloating? Can’t fit into your favorite clothes? Our stomachs are generally where we store feelings of fear and anxiety. That stomach-churning sensation is often an indication of anxiety. We can also store acidic or corrosive emotions such as anger, resentment, and insecurity in our stomachs. Make peace with your stomach.

Sunday. September 19th at 4 pm.
1 Hour “Healing Your Stomach” Meditation Class $20.
Cash upon arrival. Must have the exact amount.  No change will be made.
Seating is limited! Please call or Text Kristina at 561-281-8901 to secure your seat if you can’t make this class.
Private Sessions are available by Appointment Only!




Healing From Grief and Trauma



Desperate? Despairing? There are times in life when we are brought to our knees! The pain of loss, grief, and trauma has a huge impact on our lives and our health! This guided meditation meets you where you are, in the depth of the darkness, and leads you gently, in tiny baby steps, through releasing painful emotions to a place where you can begin to see the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, September 26th at 4 pm. 
$20. Cash upon arrival. Must have the exact amount.
Seating is limited!
Please call or text Kristina to save your seat at 561-281-8901.
If you can’t make this class Private Sessions are available by Appointment Only!

If there are any questions about these classes please call or text me. 561-281-8901. I am here for you!

Healing Your Body, Mind & Soul,
Your Earth Angel, Rev. Kristina Angelgate 

Rev. Kristina Angelgate