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Kristina Angelgate D.B.A.

Psychic Readings in South Florida

Kristina Angelgate:


Cell: (561) 281-8901

Specialized Readings in Health, Relationships, Career, Connecting Deceased Loved Ones. Available for private readings on the phone or in person. Also available for special events, psychic parties, and fundraisers.

Reasons to schedule a Spiritual Intuitive Reading or Psychic Channelled Session might be:

  • To seek validation for a future event.
  • A question for specific issue or challenge.
  • Health concerns with family or yourself.
  • Connect with lost a loved one for comfort or to find closure.
  • Career search or concerns
  • Affirmational Coaching or gift someone with a session
  • Gift Certificate

Remember, If you can imagine it, You can achieve it. If you can dream it, You can become it!

“My psychic reading with Kristina targeted exactly what I was worried about and she gave me exact dates when I  should expect changes! She was right on target!”

Thankfully, Fran, West Palm Beach, Florida

“I had a wonderful experience with Kristina.  She was very insightful & touched my heart. She has helped me in many ways.”
B. Casuso/Coordinator Hospice of Palm Beaches, Fl.

Angel Healing CircleI remain eternally grateful to the Angels and Spirit Guides who tangibly introduced me to the process of communicating with Angelic beings. I feel privileged and honored to speak for all these light beings who have placed their trust in me to voice their profound, motivating and sometimes humorous insights to the clients who visit my studio for private sessions.

CO-CREATING A MORE CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE is just being aware that you are the expression of the infinite. Direct your attention to the highest you can conceive to gradually remove destructive forces so that Divine influences dominate your thoughts feelings, and actions in your life to reflect this renewed state accordingly.




Scalar Healing Laser for treatments in the West Palm Beach, Florida area

The Scalar Cool Light Wand is a hand held cold laser or a low-level light laser. The device system is often referred to as a soft or healing laser which has been designed to gently rejuvenate cells as it works on a completely regenerated basis. It is FDA registered and approved for over-the-counter use but to be used only as directed. For temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain relieving stiffness promoting relaxation, rejuvenation and anti-aging. It is also very highly recommended for emotional trauma.

How does the Healing Laser Works?

It works like sunlight, which donates photons, which then in turn energizes the plants to grow bigger and healthier  fruits and vegetables. However, it not only rejuvenates cells, it also unwinds and clears the cell memory so that the body can relax, unwind and open back up to the abundant energy of the universe. When it does this, injuries and stress disappear.  Anyone who tells you the body does not regenerate itself is wrong. The only thing the body does is to constantly regenerate cells.

What is cell memory?

Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath injuries.The Cool Light Wand can be applied to any injuries ,stress ,trauma or tension to activate the key body systems such as the organs , glands , chakras and any of the cells which make up the body. This technology achieves this ability to easily delete the cell memory, therefore restoring harmony to the field of energy which is the underlying and essential nature of the body.

The Cool Light Laser Wand is a tool which you will find opens up many opportunities in your life for dealing with stress, emotional trauma , relaxation and in achieving a holistic balance.  Kristina Angelgate, is an independent Emissary of Quantum Wave LLC, who joins our team of naturalist’s, medical intuitives, acupuncturists, massage therapists & many more.


“The intense lower back pain I’ve experienced for the past two years is virtually gone. I now feel relieved rejuvenated and energetic. It works! I am referring all my friends to this light wave therapy. It is truly a miracle. Many thanks!”

Kathy Harrison, Florida

“Both of my hands have been in pain for about 2 years. The laser was placed for 15 minutes on each hand and have had amazing results. The joint pain is so much better and the range of motion is very noticeable. I’ve also had some knee pain being relieved in just eight minutes! Even bone-on-bone! Thank you Kristina!”

Ken Waters, New York

Kristina has found that the low-level light wand works on the chakras or energy portals of the subtle body. This approach is to cultivate a state of harmony openness. There is no prep work or down time.

Disclaimer: This cool light laser device is indicated for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporarily increasing local blood circulation. It is a process that is also rejuvenating and anti-aging. This system is not intended to diagnose or prevent disease.If you have a disease or serious medical condition consult with your health practitioner.  Kristina Angelgate is not a doctor and her goals are not to diagnose or to fix. She just enables with the handheld low-level light wand. The person’s own system begins to unwind and rejuvenate it’s own cells which the body is perfectly capable of doing for centuries.


Be Touched and Healed By God’s Cool Laser Light Wand!