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testimonials for psychic readings

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I ordered many things and she was a great help and was very patient with my questions. Very helpful. Went above and beyond to get me the products. I appreciate that!

testimonials for psychic readings

Judy Bernon


I always like to call you with good news and the good news is that a week from tomorrow is fine only Joey’s lawsuit settlement stuff will be settled and it was a substantial amount of money.

testimonials for psychic readings

Stefanie Wypasek 


“Just have to say that on my 21st affirmation, I got a job interview for the job I wanted. 2 days later- they offered me the job :-)”

testimonials for psychic readings



“Hi Kristina, I have enjoyed absolutely EVERYTHING you do! I loved the class and my personal reading was so accurate.The experience last night in our class circle was very comforting. Thank you for the affirmations you gave us. I have been doing them everyday and feel some changes happening. Thank you so much”

testimonials for psychic readings



“Kristina first came into my life in 2008 at a time when I was just barely holding things together. After a couple of short conversations, I began to feel that my meeting with her was not an accident, which was pretty amazing considering my cynical attitude at that time.

To say she helped me would be an understatement. She basically helped me save everything that was important to me, but mostly helped me see the importance of my life and helped me create a balance among the things and forces that I had allowed to negatively impact my daily life.

About a month ago I felt the need to meet with her due to work stresses that were causing high negativity on an everyday basis. Not more than ten minutes after sitting down with her I received a phone call from my boss informing me the situation which was causing the stress had been resolved in my favor. Just like that, the weight was off my shoulders and my world was back in balance.

There’s no way to explain how much I appreciate what she does for me and how much better my life is because of her guidance and support.”

testimonials for psychic readings



“Yes it was a great group and it was good to do all the readings in the open. It made me fell more connected and supported to the group :)”

testimonials for psychic readings



“Hi Kristina, it was such a pleasure being a part of your first angel class at Changing Times. You were so inspirational and enlightened the entire class with your beautiful angelic energy! Much love and abundance!””

testimonials for psychic readings



“Wow your message was so right on about Jennifer.My acupuncture Dr is Jenny Lee :)””

testimonials for psychic readings



“Thank you very much, Kristina. I truly enjoyed your class and will be watching for more of your classes in the future. ”

testimonials for psychic readings



“I would like the world to know how good Kristina is. I have had my share of difficulties in the past year. By chance, I was introduced to Kristina. We got to talking and her warmth and caring absolutely shined through. Kristina was able to sense exactly what had transpired in my life over this past year. She honed right into how to help me, without my even asking her for help. After speaking with Kristina a number of times, with her help, I was able to sift through my problems, clear my head and move on with my life comfortably and without fear. For this reason, I highly recommend that anyone who reads this little blurb, contact Kristina, and look forward to clearing life’s path toward living a normal lifestyle with no fears.”

testimonials for psychic readings

E. Deal


“Kristina, you have an amazing spirit! Your readings are insightful and easy to understand and the energy that you radiate is warm and calming. Thanks so much for taking the time to enhance my life!!””

testimonials for psychic readings



“The spiritual guidance I received from Kristina opened up a new world to me. I will continue to consult her in my future.”

testimonials for psychic readings

David A. Cronin


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kristina for several years as a customer and as a participant in my store’s special events and classes. Her personality and positive attitude are contagious. She has an angelic influence on our customers and employees! Her guidance brings positive changes to many people’s lives and lets them know they are not alone. It is a pleasure to have her visit my store.”