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Affirmative Meditations – Guided Meditations for Healing

These spiritual affirmations offer you a simple safe, yet powerfully effective solution to physical,emotional and spiritual challenges.They are specifically designed to support your healing and help your personal growth. They lead you through releasing specific emotions that are creating your discomfort. Your body is a field of consciousness and your beliefs create the state of your health and your life.

Appreciating your body with words of love and gratitude will tap into your powerful natural healing abilities. These specific guided meditations help you change your beliefs and improve any area of your life. Learning to speak lovingly and kindly to your body replaces negative self-talk and criticism with positive healing and empowering messages.

The messages that your body wants to hear.

To get the very best from these meditations please suspend your disbelief for a while and ignore that insistent voice that says “this is not my life ” or “this is not me, this is not what my body really is”.

It takes time and repetition to change habits which are rooted in the subconscious mind. So be patient with yourself.

The best way to reach and reprogram your subconscious is when you are meditating, relaxing or dozing off to sleep.

When listening please repeat the word “Yes” to yourself over and over until I make the next statement.


With every breath I take I am sending love & healing to every single cell in my body. Yes, yes, yes..

Free Guided Meditation to Open Your Heart

My gift to you…a free guided meditation – Download “Open Your Heart”.