Your insights have been right on.

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Life has been great since our last meeting. Your insights have been right on. The Lord has revealed his WILL to me. On Sat, July 10, at 2:10 AM early in the morning I heard the following… “Begin your journey. It will set you free!!!” The Lord has guided me to answer the question, “Who AM I?”. The answer after much soul searching came to me. I AM… A Disciple of Christ. I AM… His Messenger of HOPE. As his Disciple my life’s purpose is, “Provide Inspiration, Guidance, HOPE through actions of Service, Compassion, Kindness”. As I begin this new chapter of my life I have made contact with many individuals who are appreciative that I took time to listen to them. They had a strong a desire to open-up and share their life’s struggles and challenges with me. Afterwards they say thank-you for listening. I have given them HOPE for a better tomorrow because I took time to be with them in a period of need. I have also COMMUNICATED with other Disciples of Christ who are the Lord’s other Messengers here on earth. These include…

  • Messenger of PEACE – Tia Crystal
  • Messenger of MIRACLES – Marianne Williamson
  • Messenger of FEEL BELIEVE CREATE – Kristina Angelgate
  • Messenger of NEW BEGINNINGS – Jane Pauley
  • Messenger of FAITH – Bob Sheridan

The EARTH is now filled with his Messengers. The Lord wants us to be his leaders to TRANSFORM OUR WORLD with Gifts Overflowing. The Lord’s plan is to have mankind live with HOPE and not FEAR. I AM… A Transformational Leader. My search for a job and female companionship is also bearing fruit. I AM now working for the Beyond Blind Institute. I AM also meeting females who are interested in being with me. As you stated my soulmate is in my future plans.

I AM now living with HOPE, Joy, Peace. I have found the Divine Indwelling. I have found HEAVEN on EARTH. HEAVEN is deep within our soul and filled with the Holy Spirit. To get there one must surrender to the Lord and have him provide guidance, strength, courage, wisdom. This is what I call “My Transformational Journey to I AM…”. I AM blessed to have you as one of my EARTH Angels. Have a blessed day. 

Andrew Matthew

I AM… the Messenger of HOPE Providing Inspiration, Guidance, HOPE for a BETTER Tomorrow