The most Complete, Comprehensive Birthday Forecast available – Synthesizing the Secrets of Astrology, Numerology, and Fixed Stars. The Power of Your Birthday, Stars and Numbers.

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FIRST, analyze yourself.
Know yourself and your purposes.
Know what you believe, physically, mentally, spiritually. 
Know the sources of your beliefs.For in such an analysis you may find your true self. – Based on an Egar Cayce reading.

The Power of our Birthday, Stars and Numbers gives us an indication of our place in the greater plan of the cosmos.If you are looking beyond simple sun sign astrology then this personology session will provide insight into your unique characteristics of the exact date of your birth.

Drawn on the knowledge of astrology, psychology, numerology, and fixed stars, and only after synthesizing all these disciplines have I created this comprehensive daily profile. No one birth date shares the identical cosmic forces, therefore each day is uniquely special. 

Your Daily Profile provides intriguing information about yourself and your future. You will gain a greater depth of understanding of your own capabilities and potential to move forward in your future. 

As the sun returns approximately the same degree every year, astrologers refer to a person’s birthday as a Solar Return.

I provide a special section that will allow my readings to further investigate your character and future through the use of Numerology which includes calculating holistic numbers and making predictions through your personal year numbers.

This profile provides general knowledge of planetary and numerological configurations along with your sun sign, degree, and the decadent that further individualizes your strengths and weaknesses, which will reveal the secret life of career options along with a list of famous personalities born on your day. 

Your personal holistic number influences your entire life and every aspect of your character. So in order to understand your character, we will not only discuss this in your session but I will also print out your information for your reference to keep.

In addition, Love and Relationships are featured and will include specific dates and categories with whom you might share karmic links, ideal love relationships, friendships, and business partners.

I have worked to synthesize many years of research, complex astrological and chart experience, and thousands of case studies into personalology profiles that will give you a greater depth of understanding of your own character, capaExit Visual Builderbilities, and potential.

In bringing together my range of expertise I can provide you with the most comprehensive reference tool available in the field of Personsology.  

NOTE: All Credit Cards Accepted. 
Please remember to specify your Month and Day of your birth. Phone sessions are available by appointment only! A copy of your phone session will be mailed to you afterward.

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PRICE: $120 per hour