Hi Kristina, I enjoyed our meeting on Saturday. You have a special soul and the spiritual energy was strong. You were correct when you asked what I was searching for. The method that The Lord guides me in doing his will on earth is through the special people (ie, earth angels) I meet in my life. The way God does this is getting the authority to proceed with events that I am questioning. The message you gave me was to become a minister and you gave me the authority to provide inspiration, guidance and hope through actions of service, compassion and kindness.
I AM a messenger of hope and it is now time for me to spread the word of The Lord. Thanks for sharing the information on Michael Mirdad and his website www.TheInnerChrist.com. Good stuff. It was nice talking to you on the radio. I wish all the best for you and your husband in Texas. Stay in touch and may the angels continue to guide you toward a life of hope, joy and peace.

Andrew Matthew/A Messenger of HOPE