Receive Peace today Connect with Loved Ones who have passed with this Special Discounted One Hour Phone Sessions in August

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Peace awaits you when you set up one of these special discounted channeled sessions in August.

I have been guided in prayer, to offer special private phone sessions to assist you in connecting with your deceased loved ones who have passed.  This special rate of $90 for one hour compared to my website rate of $125.  It is only available in the month of August on the phone. Regular session rates after August will apply.

I can do a session from anywhere in the world as long as you have phone access to call me. These sessions are for anyone seeking peace and/or clarity around the passing of someone in your life and this even includes your loving pets.

It does not matter how long ago they passed, I will connect with the Angels to your loved one and share with you any messages they may have for you, and any messages you may have for them!! 

Understand that this is done only by sacred permission of the Divine and it is a very Holy process and treated as such. I work with the highest light of Love and Purity. 

The truth is anyone can connect with a loved one that has passed if you are in the right vibration of higher Love and Light. 
However, sometimes we are stuck in such grief, loss, and guilt, that we are not in the higher frequency to hear and connect with them on the other side. In those moments someone like me can assist you. 

Purchase your session by texting me, email or call me with your information, date and time when you would like the session. You can also purchase more than one session for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Even if you do not schedule your session in August, as long as you have purchased the session in August, we can schedule it for later on in the year if needed.  Once purchased, I will contact you by text to the phone number or email submitted and confirm a day and time for your session.

Many Blessings Beautiful Ones, of Love and Light, especially if you have lost someone close recently.

Always in Love & Light, 
Rev.Kristina Angelgate 

If this doesn’t  resonate with you maybe you can pass this email to someone who could benefit from one of these Special Healing Sessions.