Private Psychic Readings with Reverend Kristina Angelgate

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Psychic Readings in West Palm Beach Florida | 0 comments

Rev. Kristina Angelgate,  formally of the Changing Times store is now our current Spiritual Intuitive Psychic at the Jamar Enlightenment Center Psychic Fairs & will also be offering Private Readings & Channelled Sessions in the store this Saturday, July 15th between 12 – 4 pm.

As a powerful medium,  she predicts down to the days and months of events to aid you in making decisions. When receiving messages from your angels, deceased loved ones & spirit guides, she confirms the channeled messages with a three card pull from an Angelic Card  Tarot deck.

Rev.Kristina Angelgate is known for her 99% accuracy. Her mission and passion in life are to heal those who are open and receptive to unconditional love.

Initially certified with Doreen Virtue in 1972 as an Angelic Communicator and Practitioner, she also holds other Certifications with local Spiritual Masters, including Deirdre Abrami and Elsa Stokes in Florida.