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Ladies Necklaces & Bracelets channeled by Spirit Guides & Designed by Kristina Angelgate, FeelBelieveCreate, LLC. Created with semi-precious stones & beads.

Chakra Healing Bracelet

Welcome Beautiful Ones To The Guardian  Jewerly Collection.

These are  my handmade collection of Chakra Healing Stone Beads that correspond to each chakra in the physical  body on a stretchy thread band.

One size Fits All! 

Each bracelet is crafted with genuine stone beads.  You can use these beads for healing by placing  the similiar color chakra beads corresponding to that area in your body.
The bracelets are so beautifully styled with a different silver plated charm symbol of either 1) Lotus Flower, 2) “Tree of Life ” 3) Om. They are a very  stylish fashion accessory. 
Remember, in your order to specify the charm bracelet  you are purchasing either # 1, 2, 3. or all 3 bracelets together.

Chakra Healing Pendants

Chakra Healing Pendants are worn for healing the imbalances in the body.Each genuine crystal pendant is a specific color for the area of healing. Hung on an 18 1/2 ” silver plated chain.