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Open-Eyed Mindfulness Guided Meditation with Rev Kristina Angelgate accompanied by Steven Halpern’s “Singing Bowls” Music.


Open Eyed Guided Meditation

Dear Beautiful Ones!

I know many of you struggle with meditation. I know I did!  We just plop ourselves down & close our eyes but our minds keep going!  Instead of shutting out the world wouldn’t it be easier to let the world inside your meditation.? I know people ask how do I do it? When? Where? Am I doing it right?

But for the moment I’d like you to change that chatter and ask yourself…what if meditation was easy?  Imagine, If you didn’t have to battle with a busy mind and a restless body?  Imagine, if it just took a few minutes a day and imagine if it brought instant results, less stress, more happiness, greater focus, improved creativity? Immediately!!  Well, stop imagining and let’s make it a reality!

Open-Eyed Mindfulness is genuinely unlike anything you have ever experienced before! It is a meditation for the modern, busy world.

This one hour practice can be performed relaxing in a chair. Seating is limited. Bring your water with an open mind to receive your body, mind & spiritual healing two Sundays a month.

Runs 45 minutes – $10 per person
Residence Studio
Lake Worth
Limit 10 people. 

Call 561-281-8901
All Credit Cards Accepted to Pre-Pay, Exact Cash is also accepted in person
Kristina Angelgate 561-281-8901

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